Our Peace

Jesus is not just the “prince” of peace. He is peace. Whenever I begin to doubt his role in my life, I re-visit Ephesians chapter 2. Paul wrote that we are alive in God because of the bloodshed Christ endured. The blood drew us closer to Jesus. Jesus is the peace. Without him, humans are rightful recipients of all father God’s hostility.

I used to think people made peace by evading the truth. By evading the truth repeatedly, we reveal a cowardice toward mankind that separates us from the freedom in the truth.

We unleash a barrage of excuses about why we cannot state facts. We shade the facts. We cover them up.

There is an expression in GLBT culture and among women that has always confounded me. People call this “throwing shade”. Throwing shade is: attempting to darken, critique, or disparage someone by using a seemingly playful comment to incite fear or at best, occasional doubt. The unfocused person never sees it coming.

Increasingly, everyone is throwing shade nowadays. Shade is thrown to get at your peace. Think of it this way: If you are confused, it’s easier to defeat you and get into your head.

There is a line in Robbie Williams’ song, “Bruce Lee”. He sings: “When you do that thing—throw shade—it cuts a beautiful line. The line is our peace. He also means that when we are aware of cutting remarks, we observe a person’s unwritten boundaries.

A peaceful person has no consistent need for shading. Abiding with peaceful people gives us the room to be happily, ourselves. The peaceful person knows you and refrains from debating you over insignificant dribble. The peaceful person does not talk around issues. He or she will go directly to the source of the problem, using discretion and avoiding malicious outbursts.

The peaceful woman is not a functioning busy-body, consumed with menial tasks because inner peace is elusive. The peaceful man is not insulting you to draw out to esoteric truth that he believes you’re covering.

He or she can abide with you wherever you are because God has shown them what is more important.

When Jesus left us, he left peace. This peace is not a secular kind. It is a type of peace that reminds us that at our lowest point God has never left. His peace is telling us often: Revenge is mine, let me repay it. Make peace but rejoice in the truth and remain teachable. Remember my promises.