Sue and You

As a Sagittarian personality, it is a big part of my personality to have this insatiable hunger to search for knowledge about everything in my environment. I really desire in my hearts of hearts to know everything and be just about everywhere if I can be. That’s quite a need for one lowly person, huh? Today, I’m on the eve of making 27. Sometimes, I don’t like the demands of my internal curiosity and in the past few weeks I have been doing some self-searching to bring that under control. I have discovered over this year that as a human being I am of more use and overall benefit when I focus on myself.

Over the course of this life, a human being usually has enough of his or her own inadequacies to deal with. Maybe, you aren’t getting enough sleep. Perhaps you are eating the wrong kinds of food and it is effecting how healthy you are. Maybe, you haven’t reached a goal that has been in your field of vision for a long time. Are you feeling incapable? Are you feeling like you aren’t good enough for something more?

A wise person once said: We are more than the sum of our parts. I have began to find some truth to that saying. In knowledge, it’s helpful to learn what knowledge is pure and what knowledge is toxic.

When it comes to gossip, all gossip is toxic. If I want to find out about Sue, it may me a great idea to ask Sue. Instead of asking Mary, John, or Joe about it. The bible says that it is the glory of God to hide something. I have taken that to mean: ” Be very comfortable with not knowing a piece of information if that information has nothing to do with a current task you are performing” “If the information is to be revealed, it will surface at the appropriate place and time.” The less you gossip about Sue… the more God can use you. The more you talk about Sue, the more your words can hurt you. There is peace in keeping a confidence, and true wisdom in holding your tongue.

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