The Silence is Necessary

Life is better with silence at the doorstep. Think about the noise of everyday life. Cars, Children, Televisions Playing, Music, The Chatter of People Talking, etc. All of this noise is result of everyday life. There’s an unprecedented beauty in simply choosing to wait. In the world, instant gratification sets such a resounding tone that I believe people have sincerely forgotten how to have patience. Is it better to push against your condition all the time? Is it good for you to scream and fight, even if somehow you realize that all that momentum being used is wearing you down? So today, rather than exhausting myself I took a break.

It was a stark contrast to what I’m usually doing. And now I wonder if I should do this more and more often just to find my own peace. I stopped following so closely behind those who expect me to do just that. My assertive love takes a beating when I try too hard. If I’m good, really good… and enough people believe it, why shouldn’t I watch and wait for the work of the spirit. Why should I give my mind and body, a real break from the extensive stress of communication. It’s good to take a break from talking, even if you’re a eloquent, expressive speaker. It can do good in helping you remember that you’re much more than just a mouthpiece. The biggest illustrator of a great living, is a gradual focus on one’s own example to others. It’s my understanding that this example is its own metamorphosis, constantly changing and shaping to the journey of life.

The silence is NECESSARY.

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